Portable rolling tool drawers

Need of portable rolling drawers

Good drawers are very handy for both workshops and households. However, because of the size, a number of tools it is difficult to arrange them. That is why we need portable rolling drawers. The portable tool drawer will have five to six compartments of different sizes. Very small size but enough to fit and arrange many tools. Because it has slides, it will be easy to open the drawer and close it. The other important thing is the rolling wheels. Because of these wheels, you can take them anywhere without putting much of effort in it. It is generally in rectangular. You can choose from different colors as well.

Different compartments and features

A portable toolbox should have more than one compartment. Compartment should be of different sizes. It should allow you to keep all kinds of tools. Tools like plumbing tools, soldering tools, mobile repair tools etc. the portable tool drawer should have at list these features

1. Good wooden material

2. Solid base

3. Proper lamination and painting

4. Good quality wheels

5. Proper dimensions

6. Hard Foam materials inside chest and drawer

7. Compartment in those foam casings

8. It should come with a locking system

9. One big cabinet at the bottom, two small cabinets for small tools and three trays

10. Wheel locking system

11. Solid bordering with steel for durability

12. Pulling handles of drawers should be like a knob.

13. A box which can be opened from top

14. Oil absorption material

These are few important features in drawers but not the final list.

Things to keep in mind before buying

It all comes down to your need. Whether you want it as a workstation or normal storage drawer. Price and need change the quality. Go for multi-compartment drawers. Calculate dimensions and design the drawer yourself. If possible then opt custom drawers. Weight also affects the total cost. It is important to use right material else, you will be disappointed in the future. The mobile workstation drawers will definitely help you in a big way.